Heart Forward: Tarot Meets Truth or Dare.


Heart Forward: a tarot-like card deck, which doubles as an interactive game, and poetic guidebook.

Available on backorder



Card deck that plays like tarot AND an interactive game. Expand your growth & deepen connections through radical honesty and silliness! Complete with the poetic guidebook, which furthers the exploration of the cards themes in both poetry and prose, including ancient symbolism and etymology.  Unlike traditional tarot decks, this one is DOUBLE-SIDED, included prompts on the backside which get you thinking, moving, and sharing with friends.

An example of one of the backs.  Pull a card alone and use as journaling prompts.  Pull the card in the game play version, and compete with friends for radical honesty or silliness!

This product ships for free!

*Product is currently available pre-order (listed as “back-order”) Estimated time of availability October 2021.


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